Goal Setting Importance

Goal Setting Worksheet:  


Get Organised: 

Organizing your future goal setting worksheets will help you not just to list all your goals in a more organize way, but arrange them visually for easier reference. For most of the time people are in need of something to arrange their thoughts and frame of mind. A goal setting worksheet is exactly created for this particular need.


Employee Goal Setting:

If you are a boss or a manager and you have ambitious plans to accelerate the overall development and progress of your company or team, the first thing you would logically do is to make sure your employees are on the same wave length with the same ideals as you are.


The company would not move forward and achieve goals and targets if the team players, the workers or employees that make up the group are not participating or cooperating whole-heartedly.  


Identify the Areas of Need: 

It is common for institute-initiated professional goal setting to include the identification of area that needs development for the betterment of the company and the individual. This area is then put into focus, and relates it to the individual concerned, without losing sight on the constantly evolving needs for individual career planning. The impact of this group planning to an individual is just astounding.   This aspect is closely related with career, so both the company and the individual need to be taken into account as one cannot prosper without the other.  An end result needs to develop and immerge with a goal serving these two side by side.  


Potential Development:

Perhaps some of your talents and skills need future improvement, or are maybe already clamoring for an improvement. Life, after all, is discovering your potential and developing it in the process.  By setting long and short term goals, it will be easier to achieve your future goals as they have been idetinfied, written down and are easily accessible whenever they need revising, revisiting, reaffirming and actioning.


Whenever there is a need to review any of its components they just can be simply changed as they are not cast in stome!  


Since the very purpose of goal setting is to be achievable, your goals should be challenging enough to stimulate you but realistic enough so as not to discourage you in the end. For instance, you want to set a goal for your personal growth, as a person and as a professional.  By measuring progress and development in one endeavour, you are given the chance to improve and do more when the gauge indicates there are still more effort needed.  


Another importance of goal setting techniques and measures is opening you to the possibility of failure. By being open about the idea, you become more open minded and receptive to the various and possible causes of pending failures.   We all need to ‘Fail’ so that we may ‘Learn’ by our mistakes.  Just like a toddler who falls down and gets up on his feet again when learning to walk, we have to adapt the same attitude to our goals in life.  Failing is not a terrible thing if we learn from it.  Only when we don’t learn a lesson is it a useless exercise. 


Good luck with your goal setting session and make it one of many.  Remember to revisit your goals regularly – they will stay fresh in your mind and keep you aware of your dreams! 


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Goal Setting Workshop by Jim Rohn, hosted by Jeff Fiore, Millionaire Team


Are you achieving all you want to do and be? By watching and listening to this presentation you will realize the value and effectiveness of focusing on achieving all your long and short-term goals and have a plan for achieving your outcomes or results for  the immediate future and for the next 5 to 10 years whether they are in your personal life or for your business..

If our purpose and dreams are large enough the pain will be worth it the research, reading learning.  Since the very purpose of goal setting is to set out achievable goals, those goals should be challenging enough to stimulate you but realistic enough so as not to discourage you in the end.
The workshop will help you to set your own goals and desires and to arrange them into meaningful order.  

Step-by-step procedures or processes on how the set goals are included in this video and it will help you to look back on your achievements so far that made you and your family or employer proud. It will help you to dig deep and recognise your dreams and goals.

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Exercise and Nutrition

No matter what your motives are for beginning a new workout program you really need to take note of your dietary wishes. If you exercising like crazy but  however eat a high fat food regimen you will no longer obtain the overall advantages out of your workouts. 

Make a habit of recording everything you put into your mouth in the month – write it down!  You will be amazed at just how munch you do eat and drink.  But don’t cheat, its really not worth it! This will come up with a terrific review of what you eat and when. By means of keeping a meals diary for at least a month you may see you bypass breakfast, you can see how regularly you consume food out and what your meals alternatives are. From here you will see if you are consuming a diet that is high in fat, sugar and take-away meals that are full of sodium. 

As soon as you’ve got this recorded you could start to make adjustments. So as an example in case your hassle is you drink too many fizzy liquids, you want to start swapping them for water or similar healthy drinks like tea. You don’t have to go cold turkey but begin making small modifications. 

In case you grab a coffee and a doughnut each day then try to begin by switching the doughnut for a lower fat choice. Or preferably take your personal low fat granola bar or a few different breakfast snack. If you are eating out due to time then try whipping up a fruit smoothie or consume a chunk of fruit in conjunction with some yogurt. 

You will soon start to feel better once you start eating healthy food, you will also soon have a feeling of ‘life is good’ when you see the benefits of your exercise.  The good food quality will also give you more energy to workout at higher levels of intenseness  and for longer periods.

To help improve your nutrients and exercise routines supplements may be a useful.  If you are one of the many people who go straight from work to the gym or to run in the park then snack on a health bar or supplementary vitamins bar in advance so you wont suffer burnout. 

You don’t need to make drastic adjustments with reference to both nutrients and exercising.  Start small with small modifications in both your diet and exercise that are going to make an impact. Eating fresh fruit and veggies will give you more energy and the exercises will make you sleep better.

Please do not skip breakfast and try to go for a walk every day – Take you best four legged friend for a run in the park, or around the block.  once this becomes a habit both you and your dog will look forward to it everyday and it then becomes a great bonding time and lots of fun.  ITs a great way to embark on your new weight loss plan.  

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